The role of the council is to represent the public interest, the opinions of the professional communities as well as the point of view of experts of the institutions to the questions relative to the cultural and historic heritage of the Antiquity. The Council takes part in discussions on the general conception of the activities of the foundation as well as on its specific initiatives. The Council supports the activities of the foundation, contributes to its efficiency and adds value to its public prestige.


Ministry of Culture
Maria Karazlateva
Directorate Preservation of the immovable cultural heritage
Municipality of Sofia
Galina Bejanska
Director Culture and Education Department
Municipality of Sofia
Maya Guidova
Director Culture Club Iskar
Archaeological Institute and museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Professor Rumen Ivanov
Alexander Palichev

Expert in restoration and conservation
Professor Diana Guergova

Historian, archaeologist, member of the Bulgarian National ICOMOS Committee
Ljuba Boianin

Cultural tourism professional
Stefka Djoneva

Production director, Bulgarian National Television